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Our Philosophy
The West Bend Power Volleyball Club is dedicated to the overall development of the player and the person in addition to providing an arena to perform at a competitive level. Skill development, responsibility, working as a team, good sportsmanship, and the proper attitude will be emphasized.

Our Mission
The West Bend Power Volleyball Club is committed to building strong confident female athletes. We strive to create an environment for players to develop fundamental and team tactical skills and to promote respect, team work, and a positive attitude.


Why Play for West Bend Power

Established in 1995, West Bend Power is one of the older clubs in Badger Region. We have a long history of success in terms of producing highly competitive players and teams. Year after year, our teams are consistently among the top ten in the region. Since Badger Region no longer publishes rankings, we now use the Badger Region (BR) Championship tournament as a gauge to evaluate our standing within the region. The BR Championship tournament draws all of the major clubs in the state including Sting, WI Juniors, Capital and FC Elite. One metric we use is the average finish for each of the major clubs 1’s team. Based on that metric, since the start of the Badger Region Championships, West Bend Power has had an average finish that puts them well into the top 10 every season.

West Bend Power has an excellent coaching staff. Our coaches are very passionate about the game and enjoy working with these young players. Our coaches include some of the top current and former varsity coaches in the area from programs ranked in the top ten in the state with multiple State Tournament appearances. We employ some of the top middle school coaches in the area as well. One of our veteran former HS coaches (B.J. Royes, 16-Purple) was named the 2009 USA Volleyball Junior Olympic Outstanding Male Coach of the year. That’s not a regional honor; it’s a national honor given each year to only one coach in all of the USA.

Our teams seek out the best and most challenging competition we can find in the area. Some clubs will seek soft tournaments in order to rack-up a medal count. Participating in soft tournaments does not push the players and only serves to limit their growth as a player. Seeking out good competition better prepares a team for National Qualifiers and the Junior National Championship tournament. It also better prepares our players for high school and beyond. WBP has been very successful at the National level. 2004 was the first year the club began to seek National bids. Since then, 14 teams have earned bids and qualified to compete in the USAV Junior National Championship tournament. No other clubs in the 4-county area mentioned above even come close to that number.

Our players excel at the High School level and many go on to play in college. While West Bend West and West Bend East athletes benefit the most from playing for WBP due to their proximity, top athletes from many schools in the area and beyond come to play for WBP including Menomonee Falls, KML, Germantown, Kewaskum, Fond du Lac, Cedarburg, Hartford, Grafton and many more. Many WBP players have gone on to compete in volleyball at the collegiate level.

Our coaches are familiar with the college athletic recruiting process and have extensive contacts in-state and out-of-state to assist our players and parents.

Our club is rather unique in its organizational structure. We are a non-profit organization that is run by an elected board. The parents of our players elect this board. The board then hires the club director who runs the day-to-day operation of the club. WBP is not owned or run by any individual trying to make a buck. WBP belongs to the greater community in which it serves. Although we are serious about developing these young players, we will make it a fun and exciting season. Please accept your West Bend Power offer and become a part of a very special program with a long history of excellence.